My Dear Constituents,
Welcome to the World of High Technology Age!

Gone are the days when we collate data of every source through the use of typewriters, telephone calls, newspapers/newsletters and the like. Gone are the days when students jam-packed in the library for different research works. Gone are the days that we personally go to places of scenic beauty, historical landmarks, discovery of customs and traditions of inhabitants and indigenous people and other undertakings of any sort.

Definitely, my dear constituents, the old-fashioned ways of attaining those above-stated endeavors could be obtained just by the click of the button. The utilization of websites through the use of internet could offer everyone a picture of the natural scenery and profiles of our locality and other places, the local governance of LGU Duero for the people’s transparency. Furthermore, the people could offer suggestions and air out their views and opinions on how to contribute for the realization of the programs and projects of the Local Chief Executive.

With the advancement of modern technology, I invite everyone, here and wherever Duerohanons are to discover Duero in its entirety for updated information in all aspects.

Mabuhay ang Duero!

God bless us all!